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About us

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Sitefig is a MarTech company in Luxembourg, founded in 2020,
with the purpose the help create a better internet experience for everyone.
Sitefig's purpose is to improve the quality of the internet.


Organisations are publishing more and more content on their websites to generate traffic, to attract new customer, to find applicants for a job, or to showcase their product.

As a result, there are over 1.8 billion websites online.

The number of webpages and the size of websites today, makes publishing online more complex than ever. Digital teams are required to have a deep understanding of a range of topics such as technical SEO, content marketing, development and coding standards, and legal requirements.

The sheer size of websites combined with the technical complexity of this task poses a problem for even the most seasoned marketing teams.


Sitefig unlocks insights for digital managers, webmasters, developers and marketing managers using a single multi-suite tool. It all adds up to a website with stronger performance-based on on-demand audits that cover it all!

At the most basic level, here's a rundown of what you'll uncover when you put Wasp to the task:

  • Where errors are occurring.
  • Where updates need to be made.
  • Which links need to be repaired.
  • Where invalid data is hiding.
  • Spelling errors.

Next, you'll dive deep to where your site architecture and integrity are falling short. Prepare for acomprehensive analysis that delivers insights from every tier of your site.

Here's a look at some of the specific analysis points you're getting with the Wasp by Sitefig:

  • Automated accessibility assessment.
  • GDPR scan and analysis
  • Coding issues: Image resolution, javscript errors, performance problems.
  • Trackers and analytics.
  • Lighthouse performance.
  • Technical SEO issues.