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Error-free websites get a free enterprise account.

Error-free websites get a free enterprise account.
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99% of websites Sitefig scans have critical mistakes.
But when was the last time a customer reported a broken user experience?

Sitefig crawls and analyses your website and provides instant error reports.

No coding or set up required. Start by fixing errors instead of wasting time testing.

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Sitefig is so far ahead in terms of error detection.

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Flawless websites and UX

Automate quality control with Sitefig

Getting a website online and working takes a lot of testing. Sitefig helps you focus on what matters and reduces your teams testing effort.

Scan your pages for 300+ issues:

Sitefig uses a mix of open-source software created by Google (for SEO and performance audits), by the European Commission (for GDPR audits), and proprietary software to enhance and improve the audits.

Sitefig is a full-fledged testing and auditing suite so that you can focus on your business.

Wasp has found:

99% of website have critical errors!

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Basic Rundown

The Wasp unlocks insights for digital managers, webmasters, developers and marketing managers using a single multi-suite tool. It all adds up to a website with stronger performance-based on on-demand audits that cover it all!

At the most basic level, here's a rundown of what you'll uncover when you put Wasp to the task:

  • Where errors are occurring.
  • Where updates need to be made.
  • Which links need to be repaired.
  • Where invalid data is hiding.
  • Spelling errors.

Specific Analysis

Next, you'll dive deep to where your site architecture and integrity are falling short. Prepare for acomprehensive analysis that delivers insights from every tier of your site.

Here's a look at some of the specific analysis points you're getting with the Wasp by Sitefig:

  • Keyword analysis with synonyms.
  • Page-rank calculations for website clusters.
  • Content-type.
  • Visualization.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Automated accessibility assessment.
  • Copyright images.
  • Trackers and analytics.
  • W3C compliance for HTML, CSS.
  • Compression.
  • Lighthouse performance.

Stop worrying about data privacy and GDPR issues.

GDPR and Data privacy

Sitefig monitors your website for trackers, cookies, geo-tracking of IPs across the globe, and PII tools to ensure you are not leaking any data.

Monitor your websites for leaked PII such as names, telephone numbers, hacked email accounts, addresses, social security numbers and credit cards.

GDPR is a pain, right?
Scan your website for compliance

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GDPR is a pain, right?
Scan website for compliance

Accessible websites outperform all sites.

Accessibility and UX

Everyone benefits from making your website more accessible.

Accessibility is user experience, and Sitefig provides you with all the tools to ensure all pages are WCAG2.1 compliant.

Is your website WCAG compliant?
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Is your website WCAG compliant?
Scan website for compliance