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Sitefig is a complete auditing suite designed to help you make your part of the web a better place.

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How good is my website?

Introducing the Wasp by Sitefig, one of the best digital governance tools on the market.

Conduct your own audit to get reports on every facet of your site, from SEO to privacy. Don't sleep on this tool if you're looking for digital simplicity while you grow.

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Unlocking Your Strengths, Solving Your Weaknesses

With the Wasp, you have the ability to get a full
website exam
using a suite of auditing tools.

Each website page and document goes through a full audit to detect general and custom policy errors with deep optimization tools thrown in the mix.

Here’s a look at what's covered with the multi-tier, multi-suite website auditing process using the Wasp:

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Website Audit

Scan your website for the most common website mistakes that affect usability. The Wasp looks at code quality, privacy, architecture, GDPR, and more. You'll receive a detailed website audit report.

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SEO Audit

Have you had trouble attracting traffic to your website? Perhaps traffic has dropped significantly. An SEO audit will identify SEO mistakes that could be costing you business.

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Content Audit

Examines your content and identifies which content is performing well.

Don't Let Arbitrary Metrics Drag You Down

The Wasp rates your site against similar websites in the extensive Sitefig database

With the Wasp, you're not just running your site's performance up against general or arbitrary metrics. Your site is being benchmarked against other sites using industry-specific standards.

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Basic Rundown

The Wasp unlocks insights for digital managers, webmasters, developers and marketing managers using a single multi-suite tool. It all adds up to a website with stronger performance-based on on-demand audits that cover it all!

At the most basic level, here's a rundown of what you'll uncover when you put Wasp to the task:

  • Where errors are occurring.
  • Where updates need to be made.
  • Which links need to be repaired.
  • Where invalid data is hiding.
  • Spelling errors.

Specific Analysis

Next, you'll dive deep to where your site architecture and integrity are falling short. Prepare for acomprehensive analysis that delivers insights from every tier of your site.

Here's a look at some of the specific analysis points you're getting with the Wasp by Sitefig:

  • Keyword analysis with synonyms.
  • Page-rank calculations for website clusters.
  • Content-type.
  • Visualization.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Automated accessibility assessment.
  • Copyright images.
  • Trackers and analytics.
  • W3C compliance for HTML, CSS.
  • Compression.
  • Lighthouse performance.
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When you set up audits with the Wasp by Sitefig, you can assign custom weights per audit.

You're also defining custom policies for required elements, defining approved values,
managing approved synonyms and defining minimum-maximum scales for content.

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Get Compliant, Stay Compliant

Gain full control over compliance issues that could be opening you up to litigation or fines

There's no reason not to try the Wasp right now if you have any hesitations about compliance issues that could be opening you up to litigation or fines. Once you get that peace of mind, the real fun begins because it's time to move to optimization! Let your website take the Wasp by Sitefig for a spin.

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On-demand Comprehensive Audits

Get Compliant, Stay Compliant

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